Friday, October 14, 2011


The time has come where we have focused our lives on what we want and what can stay in our lives. Why should we suffer because of some relationships that were attached to us even without seeking permission from us.Life is about making conscious choices as we speak. Hence we choose to push relatives a step behind friends.

But why did it drift, yester era said that cousins were a team and siblings were best friends. Now we do share a roof but so what? Doesn’t mean we need to share lives too.Why do we need to befriend cousins whose parents are envious of our success?We rather stay with friends who are no longer just friends; they are brothers from different mothers. Whom we choose as per our compatibility, our taste and our interest. They no longer have to be pushovers.

But how many of us have had the same best friend and close one forever?The closest buddy we had in our first year of college might not be even friends on convocation dates, not that we fought but yeah he definitely slipped away somewhere in between.
We all know bro code. But how many of us actually have followed. A girl splits her legs and you drive your comfort zone away from a dear friend. Just because she and me are not together gives you rights to jump in the bed and be sorry about it later.And if you are not bothered about what the friend must have felt then why is that every time you get drunk you repeat the bro code, which you actually never meant.

When were morals and principles ejaculated out of the system? Was it when you lost your virginity, you lost it too or is it that your desperation for sex did not leave room for your self-respect.

And then you abuse the friendship thinking the friend is upset because he has lost the girl. Fool! Why would he be upset about something that he had already decided to lose? It is you and your broken promises that hurt.

It is the frustration that creeps in because a friend was lost whom he had chosen carefully like a sapling nurtured with affection and hoped that in the scorching heat it will give you shade under the tree of brotherhood. But instead you grew into a thorny bush that made him bleed. What choice does he have but to walk away?

There was time when love between blood brothers was so strong that elder could slap the younger and yet he stood there waiting for the arms to spread for him again. Now is the time when brothers cant even scold the younger once simply because he would refuse to speak to him forever, forget about coming back to open arms.

Why? Is it because you are not blood brothers so you don’t have to get tied along for whole lifetime? Or is it because there is a perfect substitute waiting to be embraced when you decide to throw the friend out of your life, who will function and solve the purpose just like the old one did? Or maybe the utility of that friend is over?

Since friends became clothes? Throw them away when a girl wants you inside her or discard them of when their usage is over?Lot of friendship quotes have been written has become history and so is their meaning. They just adorn the cards, which can be bought and sold with some coins.

No one is doing all the right things in this world but some wrong ones just can’t be ignored. And you iterate  your judgment every time the same situation comes, you should know that he is not a fool that he keeps trying for next time he is breathing hope for reconciliation.But only if you knew what he meant! 

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